ANTOXERENE is a small molecule drug discovery program by Ichor Therapeutics.

Antoxerene performs pipeline testing for small molecule drugs that target protein-drug and protein-protein interactions. The platform is based on a patent-pending production technology, which enables manufacturing of impossible to express protein targets in biologically active form, at scale.

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Neurodegenerative disease



High-throughput drug screens are an essential component of any medical research program. With the creation of a subsidiary to focus on such screens, Ichor is emphasizing its determination to make pivotal contributions in the development of a broad range of therapies to repair the damage of aging - real rejuvenation biotechnology.

Aubrey de Grey, Ph.D.

So many of history's great breakthroughs happened when something else was being looked for, but a bright scientist or inventor noticed something unexpected and decided to follow up. This is the story of C60, and our instincts have been to back further exploration into such serendipity to see what advances may be gained. We expect great things from the C60 research being done at Antoxerene.

Dave Gobel

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